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Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming 2014

Roncalli were represented with 6 swimmers at the Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming Champs held on Thursday 6 March at the CBay pool.  

Samuel Gray, Jenna Still, Korlina Volkov, Emma Goddard, Caitlin Bradley and Gabriel Evans.

2014 Roncalli Aoraki Swimming Team website

Congratulations to the following students who gained top eight placings in their events:
Samuel Gray Boys 14U – 4th 50m Butterfly, 5th 200m Freestyle 2:30.57, 7th 100m Backstroke 1:22.19, 8th 100m Individual Medley 1:21.39.
Gabriel Evans Boys 14U – 5th 50m Breaststroke 44.39.
Emma Goddard Girls 15O – 2nd 50m Freestyle 32.09, 3rd 50m Backstroke 38.13.
Korlina Volkov Girls 15O – 1st 100m Breaststroke 1:16.49 (Record), 1st 100m Freestyle 1:01.39 (Record), 2nd 200m Freestyle 2:10.79, 2nd 100m Butterfly 1:12.00.
A special thank you to Sharon Volkov who managed the Roncalli team on the day and thank you also to the parents and staff who came along and supported the students.


Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming 2013

Roncalli was represented with 11 swimmers at the Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming Champs held on Wednesday 27 March at the CBay pool. The students competed in a total of 33 individual entries and 4 relays.

Korlina Volkov, Gretchen McAleer, Jordan Hooke, Samuel Kensell, Laura Cockroft, Lauren Kelly.
Emma Kelly, Emma Goddard, Issy McKeown, Ruby Harper, Kyla Shelley.

Roncalli Aoraki Swimming Team 2013

Congratulations to the following students who gained top eight placings in their events:
Jordan Hooke Boys 15O – 5th 100m Individual Medley 1:09.48; 1st 50m Freestyle 25.93; 3rd 200m Freestyle 2.20.31; 1st 50m Fly 29.12.
Ruby Harper Girls 14U – 8th 50m Freestyle 35.43; 3rd 50m Breaststroke 46.79;
Emma Goddard Girls 15O – 2nd 50m Freestyle 32.14; 3rd 50m Backstroke 37.58;
Gretchen McAleer Girls 15O – 3rd 50m Freestyle 32.84; 4th 50m Backstroke 39.69; 2nd 50m Fly 37.40.
Laura Cockroft Girls 15O – 4th 50m Freestyle 33.39; 3rd 50m Breaststroke 43.29; 5th Laura Cockroft 39.66.
Korlina Volkov Girls 15O – 2nd 200m Freestyle 2:15.57; 2nd 100m Breaststroke 1:18.91; 2nd 100m Freestyle 1:03.33; 1st 50m Fly 33.27.
Samuel Kensell Boys 14U – 7th 50m Backstroke 43.28; 7th 50m Breaststroke 47.18; 4th 50m Fly 43.26;
Lauren Kelly Girls 15O – 8th 50m Backstroke 45.66;
Kyla Shelley Girls 14U – 6th 100m Backstroke 1.36.21;
Aoraki Swimming Relays
2nd Girls 15O 200m Freestyle Relay – Emma Goddard, Gretchen McAleer, Laura Cockroft, Korlina Volkov.
3rd 200m Medley Relay 2.26.20 – Emma Goddard, Korlina Volkov, Laura Cockroft, Gretchen
4th Girls 14U 200m Freestyle Relay 2:48.09 – Kyla Shelley, Emma Kelly, Issy McKeown, Ruby Harper.


Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming 2012

Roncalli was represented with 12 swimmers at the Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming Champs held on Wednesday 14 March.  The students competed in a total of 46 individual races and 2 relays.

Ethan Hickey, Korlina Volkov, Gretchen McAleer, Brittany Cannell, Kyla Shelley, Daniel Hickey,
Ruby Harper, Kate Arscott, Samuel Kensell, Bailey Tyree, Laura Cockroft, Lauren Kelly.

Ronc Aoraki Swim Team 2012 web

The team had a very successful day with three firsts, nine seconds and 4 third placings.  Congratulations to Daniel Hickey who was ranked 2nd overall in the boys 15 and over age group.

Roncalli was the 'host school' which involved a number of responsibilities throughout the day, setting up, providing food and refreshments for 40 people and serving officials and managers on a regular basis and runners for various tasks.  The students involved must be thanked for an amazing and professional manner they portrayed on behalf of Roncalli College; Anna Kensell, Anna Courtney, Aimee Bell, Shannon Newlands, Mickaela Farr and James Verey.  HUGE thank you to Sally Betts and her year 13 hospitality class for catering the event and their beautiful selection of food, feedback was so positive they would like us to host again next year!  To Rose Harper for her help with the swimmers poolside, Sam Schrader (student teacher) assisting with time-keeping and Noel and Karen Hickey for helping with set up and officiating, to Richelle Cannell for coordinating and supervising the running of the day in Jose's absence on school camp.  Thank you what an awesome bunch of volunteers we have at Roncalli College.

Congratulations to the following students who gained top eight placings in their events:-
KORLINA VOLKOV Girls  14U - 1st 33m Butterfly 21.76;  2nd 100m breastroke 1:25.00; 3rd 133m IM 1:44.77; 3rd 100m Freestyle 1:09.84;
LAURA COCKROFT Girls 14U - 2nd 33m Freestyle 22.13;  3rd 33m Butterfly 26.33; 6th 133m IM 2:00.42;
KATE ARSCOTT Girls 14U - 5th 100m butterfly 1:35.88;  7th 100m backstroke 1:35.09; 8th 100m breastroke;
RUBY HARPER Girls 14U - 1st 33m breastroke 27.38; 2nd 33m Backstroke 25.50; 5th 33m Freestyle 22.84;
GRETCHEN MCALEER 15O - 2nd 200m Freestyle 2:40.31; 3rd 100m backstroke 1:23.95; 4th 100m Freestyle 1:12.11; 4th 100m butterfly 1:30.78;
BRITTANY CANNELL Girls 15O  - 7th 33m backstroke 27.09; 8th 33m Freestyle 21.82;
SAMUEL KENSELL Boys 14U -  5th 33m Butterfly 28.84;
DANIEL HICKEY Boys 15O - 1st 100m backstroke 1:07.69; 2nd  133m IM 1:29.30; 2nd 100m freestyle 59.74; 2nd 100m butterfly 1:04.56;
Aoraki Swimming relays - Girls
Ruby Harper, Korlina Volkov, Kate Arscott and Laura Cockroft - 2nd Girls 14U 133m Medley Relay 1:38.38;
Laura Cockroft, Ruby Harper, Kate Arscott and Korlina Volkov - 2nd Girls 14U 133m Freestyle Relay - 1:30.60


Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming 2011

Roncalli College had 18 students compete in the Aoraki Secondary Schools Swimming Festival at Century Pool on Tuesday 22nd March 2011. The students competed in a total of 52 individual races and 8 relays.

Peter Setterfield, Ethan Hickey, Jordan Hooke, Brayden Dovestone, Luke Cody, Daniel Hickey, Liam Cosgrove, Justin Dovestone, Ashlea Small, Kate Arscott, Brittany Cannell, Lauren Kelly, Macie Austin, Laura Cockroft, Therese Styles, Gretchen McAleer, Sophie Mayes, Marie-Christin Kuepper. 

Aoraki Swimming Team 2011
The Roncalli swim team had a very successful day and should be very proud of their achievements; they were a fabulous group of students and represented their school with pride.
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Ashlea Small who managed the Roncalli swim team for the day and also competed in the senior girls relays.
Congratulations to the following students who gained top eight placings in their events:
Daniel Hickey                   
Boys – 15O 1st 133m IM – 1:31.56, 1st 100m Backstroke – 1:06.75, 1st 100m, Freestyle – 57.06, 1st 100m Butterfly – 1:07.71
Jordan Hooke                  
Boys 15O – 2nd 100m Freestyle – 58.42, 3rd 200m Freestyle – 2:18.96, 7th 133m IM – 1:40.90, 2nd 100m Butterfly – 1:07.91
Peter Setterfield              
Boys 15O – 6th 100m Breaststroke – 1:27.63, 7th 33m Freestyle – 19.24
Brayden Dovestone       
Boys 15O – 6th 33m Backstroke – 25.33
Gretchen McAleer          
Girls 15O – 5th 100m Freestyle – 1:15.84, 8th 33m Butterfly – 25.47
Ethan Hickey                    
Boys 14U – 1st 33m Butterfly – 20.91, 3rd 33m Backstroke – 23.48, 7th 133m IM – 1:58.25,
7th 100m Breaststroke – 1:45.17
Luke Cody                        
Boys 14U – 4th 33m Freestyle – 21.30
Liam Cosgrove                 
Boys 14U – 3rd 33m Breaststroke – 30.16, 6th 33m Backstroke – 26.90, 7th 33m Freestyle 0 21.69
Justin Dovestone            
Boys 14U 100m Backstroke – 1:46.81
Brittany Cannell              
Girls 14U – 2nd 33m Freestyle – 21.54, 2nd 33m Backstroke – 25.95, 5th 33m Breaststroke – 31.27,
Laura Cockroft                
Girls 14U – 2nd 33m Breaststroke – 29.57, 3rd 33m Backstroke – 26.14
Kate Arscott                     
Girls 14U – 6th 100m Breaststroke – 1:41.56, 7th 100m Butterfly – 1:36.03
Sophie Mayes                  
Girls 14U – 7th 33m Backstroke – 28.16, 8th 100m Breaststroke – 1:43.64

Laura Cockroft, Sophie Mayes, Kate Arscott, Brittany Cannell – 4th Girls 14U 133m Medley Relay – 1:44.68
Laura Cockroft, Kate Arscott, Sophie Mayes, Brittany Cannell – 6th Girls 14U 133m Freestyle Relay – 1:32.39
Marie-Christin Kuepper, Ashlea Small, Gretchen McAleer, Therese Styles – 5th Girls 15O 133m Medley Relay – 1:44.13
Marie-Christin Kuepper, Ashlea Small, Therese Styles, Gretchen McAleer – 8th Girls 15O 133m Freestyle Relay – 1:33.40
Justin Dovestone, Liam Cosgrove, Ethan Hickey, Luke Cody – 3rd Boys 14U 133m Medley Relay – 1:41.16
Justin Dovestone, Liam Cosgrove, Luke Cody, Ethan Hickey – 3rd Boys 14U 133m Freestyle Relay – 1:26.54
Brayden Dovestone, Peter Setterfield, Daniel Hickey, Jordan Hooke – 2nd Boys 15O 133m Medley Relay – 1:24.22
Jordan Hooke, Brayden Dovestone, Peter Setterfield, Daniel Hickey – 2nd Boys 15O 133m Freestyle Relay – 1:13.22





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