Tournament Guidelines for Managers

Tournament Guidelines for Managers
Roncalli A, Year 9A and 10A Netball Teams
Thank you for taking on this role as team manager.  Below is a guideline put together from the netball committee to assist managers of Roncalli netball teams.
As manager, you have the responsibility for the players prior to and during tournaments and home and away games, therefore all players must follow your guidelines and meet your expectations.  The manager supports the coach, who is directly responsible for players during training, warm up and games.
As Managers you are required to:
-  Make sure all permission slips and payments have been made prior to leaving.
-  Contact all parents to discuss food to be provided. Answer any queries they may have.
Prior to departure:
-  Collect petty cash; this is to include money for petrol for one support vehicle that is to travel with the team, food and other incidentals.  You must retain all receipts and hand in with completed budget sheet, along with any unused cash, as soon as possible upon return.
-  Collect Fuel Card and Pin Number for School Vans.
-  Maybe purchased basics e.g. Marg, bread for toast, things for lunch first day, bananas, milk etc.
-  Collect Managers and Coaches Jackets
-  Collect First Aid Kit
-  Arrange for pick up of School Van
At Tournament:
-  Designate an area for food.
-  Monitor team eating and drinking to ensure that all players are consuming a sufficient amount.
-  Discuss with players how their medication is to be administered.
-  Make players aware of procedures regarding first aid.
-  Set rules for people entering others rooms.
-  Clearly inform players of boundaries at the accommodation site, as well as times at night when players must remain in their own rooms, lights out and quiet.
-  In between games if time permits, the manager can organise other activities for players.  Any activities should include the whole team and not involve an unreasonable cost.  This requires consultation with the coach regarding timing and players energy levels for subsequent games.
-  Team members are not to wander off in groups unsupervised by an adult.
-  Inform parents that they need to gain your approval if wishing to take a group of players away somewhere.
-  Feel free to delegate some responsibility to other parents at the tournament.  However you will remain in overall charge.
-  No player is to leave your care until arriving home without an agreement in writing from a parent who lives with the player.
-  Return van in a clean condition
-  Upon returning, write a report on the tournament form provided.  This should outline any problems and anything that you feel could be improved.
-  Return jackets, first aid kits, balanced budget sheet etc within two weeks of returning from tournament.
Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being Team Manager.  On behalf of Roncalli Netball and the Team we wish to thank you for your support and supervision.  Without your help the team would not be able to participate.
We hope that you enjoy your role.  Feel free to contact the Sports Co-ordinator in charge of netball or the chairperson of the Roncalli College Netball Committee for more advice.
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