SISS Junior Netball Tournament Christchurch

Sunday 5th - Wednesday 8th July 2015

Roncalli College 10A Netball team had a successful SISS netball tournament (July 6-8), with the girls, coaches, managers, and supporters, walking away very proud of the girls.
Day one of the Junior South Island netball tournament was played in good conditions at Hagley park in Christchurch. James Hargest was first up and the girls came out roaring, winning 38-17. Teisha Holden’s feeding into Taylah Marr who slotted nearly every shot, and the consistent back-up from Bridey Flynn, and Llwellah Priest who turned over plenty of ball proved too much for the opponents. Llwellah and Bridey kept up the fight and Sarah Waldron made a great impact when she came on in the next game against St Peter’s. The girls came away with another convincing win, 36-19. Last up for Monday was the hard and fast Rangi Ruru side. The tight tussle saw Rangi Ruru take a two goal lead into the dying seconds (26-24 final score). The Roncalli girls came away with their heads high knowing they had given it their all and still qualified for the top 16 pool for Tuesday and Wednesday.
Coming into day two of the tournament saw Roncalli face off against Pool A’s top qualifier, Rangiora. This was played on center court, however this did not deter the girls, rather it gave them fire to fight a great battle. Roncalli came out on top with an awesome 4 goal win, 24-20. Anna Brosnahan played an outstanding game at WD where came away with multiple turneovers. Bridey Flynn also kept up the defence, securing rebounds and intercepts, and offloading to Sam Williamson knowing the ball was in secure hands. The second game of the day determined a place in the top eight, and Roncalli were out to secure their spot. Roncalli came up against St Kevin’s College, a team who they had ill success against at Mercy Cup and wanted to change their fate. Taylah and Teisha paired up again and proved to be successful when it came to the crunch. The overall team effort was outstanding, and the girls came away with a win, 29-27. Securing a top eight position was our goal overcome and anything from her on was an extra bonus. The afternoon game Roncalli faced Villa Maria who were outstanding at Mercy Cup. Llwellah and Bridey paired well in the defensive circle and turned over ball at necessary times, and Sam and Teisha worked hard to feed the ball into the shooting circle. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough and the girls came off with a loss, 32-16 Villa Maria.
Last day of the tournament was played in harsh icy conditions which saw delays in some games. Playing off for 5-8, the girls faced Nelson Girls College. Llwellah fought hard, stopping the shooters as much as possible, and Teisha and Taylah paired fantastically to make sure we slotted our goals, however Nelson came out on top, 36-17, leaving us in a very familiar position playing off for 7-8 (same as in year 9). The girls were out to better themselves and found their last bit of fire to play a nail bitter against Christchurch Girls’ High School. The team worked superbly, looking after the ball and one another, to tie the score at full-time after trailing for the majority of the game. The girls had to continue until one team had a two goal lead, and a crucial rebound from Llwellah secured a turnover which the team controlled well to win the game 25-23. The girls left the tournament on a high at 7th place.


Sunday 6th - Wednesday 9th July 2014

Day one of the Junior South Island netball tournament was played on wet courts and in fresh conditions at Hagley Park in Christchurch.
Roncalli 9A had an outstanding first day winning all three of their pool games by at least 10 goals to finish top of their pool and progress through to the top 16 stage of the tournament. 
The first match for the 9As was against James Hargest College where the team showcased a high level of skill and finishing up with a 29-14 win over the Dunedin side. Bridey Flynn was strong on defence and Samantha Williamson established powerful lines of play through the mid court
The next match of the day was against Rangi Ruru School for girls where Roncalli came out on top with a score of 27-16. Taylah Marr was on fine form in the shooting circle with superb feeding from Teisha Holden.
Game three against St Hilda's Collegiate provided the opportunity to allow all 10 Roncalli players to have court time and also to experiment with new combinations. . Luella priest claimed 14 impressive clean intercepts to dominate the defence third and Olivia black came off the bench to assist mid court play well. The final score was 37-19
Roncalli 9A hope to continue their momentum when facing Marian College and St Margaret’s tomorrow 
The 10As had a tough pool and unfortunately their results reflected this. There were some lovely passages of play but too many unforced errors deprived the girls of a win. 
A disappointing first day will have the girls playing off in the bottom 16 for the remainder of the tournament. 
The results are as follows game one against Craighead Diocesan 19-10, game two against Oxford area school 20-17 and game three against Waimea College 50-15.
Notable players for today include Molly Richardson who consistently demonstrated powerful mid court play, Naeve O'Driscoll who feed the shooting circle well and Siobhan Connelly who played powerful defence.
The Roncalli College 10A will have to play well tomorrow against Central Southland College and Avonside Girls High School if they wish to secure a position to play off for positions 17-21. 
Day two and three of the south island netball tournament brought mixed results for both Roncalli College 9a and 10a teams.
Roncalli 9A had an intense first game against Marian College with both teams fighting to take the lead throughout the game. The shooting combination of Kate Gebbie, and Taylah Marr demonstrated extreme accuracy, and a crucially timed intercept by Bridey Flynn put Roncalli College up by one at the final whistle to win 27-26.
The next match of the day was against St. Margaret's College where Roncalli College dominated play in a combined team effort to win the game convincingly with a score of 31-22. Teisha Holden stepped into the centre position where she provided strong drive through the mid court and once again feed well into the shooting circle.
Due to the mornings results Roncalli secured a position in the top 8 of the competition and that afternoon met a very physical Waimea College in the quarterfinal. The team fought hard but unfortunately went down to the Nelson side 28-21.
Day two brought more disappointing results for the Roncalli 10a team losing both of their morning matches. The first game against Central Southland College showcased a solid team effort however the girls went down to a stronger Southland side 38-26.
The second game was well fought with a strong defensive combination of Siobhan Connolly and Sophie Beard producing many turnovers, unfortunately this was not always matched on attack resulting in Avonside taking the win by one point, 25-24.
The third game saw Roncalli 10a come up against a familiar rival when they played Geraldine 10a. Roncalli proved too strong against the local side, taking their first win of the tournament 40-20.
Day three was played in harsh trying conditions and fatigue was obvious. The first game of the day for Roncalli College 9a was against Villa Maria, where unfortunately results went against Roncalli as they were outplayed by a consistent Villa Maria side, 28-17. The intensity picked up in the second game against Southland Girls' High School, where for the majority of the game there was only one goal difference. Llewellah Priest continued to dominate the defensive third and finished her tournament on a high note. Disappointingly the girls went down 24-23.
Throughout the tournament the Roncalli 9a team competed strongly and demonstrated a consistently high level of skill leaving their coaching staff very proud and finishing in 8th position.
Day three saw the Roncalli 10a team continue their winning form from the previous day. The first match was against Gore High School where the team stepped up to demonstrate strong through court defence with notable performances from Sophie Beard and Isobel McKeown. The final score was 29-17 to Roncalli College. 
For the second time this tournament the Roncalli 10a team faced Avonside Girls High School where they were determined to not let the opposition have back to back wins. The shooting combination of Emily Gilchrist and Sophie Austin remained calm under pressure with Roncalli finishing on top with a two goal win 27-29.
Unfortunately the wins for Roncalli 10a were too little too late leaving them to finish in 25th position.


Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th July 2013
Day One

SISS junior netball tournament was played yesterday in bitterly cold wet conditions at Hagley Park Chirstchurch. Both the Roncalli 9A and 10A netball teams won two from three of their games, finishing second in their respective pools which progresses them to the top 16 at this stage of the tournament.
Roncalli 9A played three very different games. First up against Westland High School the girls all played together as a team coming out with a great win, 22 - 16. Issy McKeown kept the team in control at centre with her precision passing, while Emma Todd played a great man on man defensive game. The combination of Molly Richardson and Emily Gilchrist worked fantastically in the attacking area.
Game two the girls shyed away from a strong St Margarets team going down 39 - 10, however Isabella Docherty at GK came off the bench and forced turnovers to get player of the game.
With the miserable conditions coming back in the early afternoon the girls fought back to come away with a win against Otago Girls High School in their third game, as Siobhan Connolly and Sophie Beard worked tirelessly to gain some fantastic turnovers.
Today they face Central Southland College and Marian College and the result from these two matches will determine who they play in the quarter-finals this afternoon.
The 10A team started the day well with a convincing win over Lincoln High School 39-19.  Kate Braddick playing at goal defence was a stand out player turning over plenty of ball and combining well with Jaymee Cannell at goal keep constantly putting pressure on the Lincoln shooters.  The full squad of ten players all managed court time and contributed to the 20 goal win.  Game two was against a strong team from Southland Girls who were last years runners-up in the year 9 grade.  Southland managed to get away to a quick 10-4 lead at the first quarter break, and then pulled further ahead with a 14 goal lead at half time.  Roncalli made one change in the mid court moving Abby McIlroy to centre which opened up the play and she fed the shooters well.  Roncalli dominated the 3rd quarter winning 9-2 with accurate shooting from Abby O'Brien and Sonnie Katene, bringing the score within seven goals and no means out of reach for the final 10 minutes of play.  Roncalli scored five quick goals and came within two goals which made for a great tustle to the final whistle Roncalli giving everything they had to the very end but Southland managed to hold on to the win 25-22. The third and final game of the day was against Otago Girls High School, Roncalli got off to a slow start struggling to adjust to the wet conditions down by 2 goals at quarter time.  A full team effort from a dedicated bunch of Roncalli girls pulled away to a six goal lead at half time and even bigger margin at full time winning convincingly 31-16.  Korlina Volkov at wing defence was strong throughout the court and again Sonnie Katene controlled play in the shooting circle and was consistent with her shots.  Today they play Villa Maria College and Cashmere High School and the girls are after two wins to secure top 8 play-offs.


Day 2


Roncalli 10A started the day well with a two goal win over Villa Maria College.  It was a tough fought battle for the full 40 minutes but Roncalli played good controlled netball and this win was vital for a look into the top 8 playoffs.  Up against Cashmere High School next, Roncalli pulled away in the 2nd quarter to lead by six goals 22-16. A very determined Roncalli team dominated the 2nd half and won convincingly 45-27.  Goal attack Sonnie Katene and GS Abby O'Brien combined well in the circle, Katene shot 25 from 28.  Madeline Johnson and captain Abby McIlroy controlled the mid-court and fed the shooters with strong accurate passes.  This win qualified them to the division one top 8 quarter finals which was their season goal.  They faced a very physical Marlborough Girls High School to determine a top 4 spot.  Roncalli defence duo of Jaymee Cannell and Kate Braddick worked tiresly and turned the ball over numerous times. Marlborough had a seven goal lead at half-time and clawed ahead by 13 in the 3rd quarter. Roncalli never gave up and won the 4th quarter 8/4 but was too late Marlborough took the win by 10.  This loss means Roncalli today play for 5th - 8th spot with a tough Waimea side first up.
Roncalli year 9 had a tough draw on day two and struggled to come away with a win.  However they are playing off for 9th - 16th place and looking forward to finishing on a high today.  Emma Todd had two brilliant games at WD and was awarded player of the day for both these matches. Finishing in the top half of the draw shows the team has potential for future years.

Day 3

The third and final day at the SISS Junior netball development tournament played in sunny conditions at Christchurch Hagley Park finished on a positive for the Roncalli 10A winning both games and a well-deserved 5th place.  They faced a very strong Waimea College side in the first game of the day, with the mid court combination of Abby McIlroy and Madeline Johnson rattling the opposition and forcing errors.  Sonnie Katene wasn’t afraid to put up the shots at goal attack and shot 100% in the third quarter contributing to a one goal lead in favour of Roncalli.  Goal keeper Jaymee Cannell turned the ball over numerous times even with the Waimeas GS having a slight advantage in height.  Kate Braddick and Cannell’s massive arm span on defence put pressure on the shooters and timely rebounds were converted to goals for Roncalli.  Locked at 25 all with 3 minutes remaining Roncalli pulled away scoring five consecutive goals to win 30-25.  The 5th place decider up against Ashburton College was a one sided game which Roncalli dominated from the start up five at first quarter time and pulled away to a nine goal lead at half time.  Accurate shooting from Sonnie Katene and Abby O’Brien contributed to a 17 goal win 39-22, all ten team members got court time which shows the strength of this young team.  Hannah Watson filled the centre position in the final quarter with sheer determination along with team mates Olivia Waldron at wing defence and Amelia Race at goal shoot.  Fifth overall was an improvement on a similar team placed tenth last year in the year 9 grade. Coach Nicola Howard was impressed with the team exceeding expectations and have a bright future ahead.  Jaymee Cannell’s consistent performances at goal keep earned her the team ‘player of the tournament’.
The year 9 team had an early start on their final day, leading all the way against Marlborough until the final quarter, some unlucky calls decided the outcome going down 23-18.  Standout players Siobhan Connelly and Sophie Beard played awesome defence causing plenty of turn over ball.  The last game of their tournament was a success with a hard fought win against Rangi Ruru 21-19 with the entire team pulling together for a great game.  Issy McKeown, Molly Richardson and Naeve O’Driscoll kept the ball alive in the mid-court and once again Connelly played exceptionally well with intercepts and turnovers.  Final result 15th overall from 32 teams.
Local South Canterbury umpire Brittany Cannell representing Roncalli was rewarded the year 10 final which was a huge achievement from this talented young umpire.

Sunday 1 - Wednesday 4 July 2012


Day 1

SISS Junior Netball Tournament was played yesterday in bitterly cold conditions at Hagley Park, Christchurch.  Both the Roncalli 9A and 10A teams won two from three of their games, finishing 2nd in their pool progresses them to the top 16 at this stage of the tournament.

The 9A team had a convincing win first up beating Villa Maria B 52-17, Kate Braddick at goal defence started her tournament strongly taking numerous intercepts and rebounds. The shooters played outstandingly, goal attack Sonnie Katene moved beautifully and the understanding between her and Abby O’Brien at goal shoot assisted the scoreline at half time to 29-10  Jaymee Cannell came on at goal shoot in the second half shooting ten from thirteen.  Game two was a much more closely contested match against a very physical Christchurch Girls High School team.  Roncalli started off very strong going out to a 12-6 lead at quarter time, however CGHS came out firing in the second quarter to equal the half time score 18 all.  The third quarter for Roncalli was the difference with CGHS dominating thirteen goals to three.  The final quarter Roncalli played goal for goal but the damage had been done and CGHS took the win 39-28.  Korlina Volkov at wing defence caused numerous turnovers along with support from Madeline Johnson in the mid court. The third and final game of the day was against Nayland College from Nelson, Roncalli got off to another great start leading 19-8 at half time.  Captain Abby McIlroy led from the front with a strong effort throughout the court using great vision when feeding the shooters.  The final score 39-12 was a great result to finish day one however today they face Southland Girls High School and St Hilda’s Collegiate School who were top two in their respective pool.

Roncalli 10A started their day strongly with a 50-14 win over St Andrews College.  Game two against a physical Southland Girls High School was the game of the day but this proved tough for Roncalli at both ends of the court.  The team worked hard and played consistent netball, but playing catch up proved too tough for the girls going down 46-35.  Third and final game of the day against Taieri College, Roncalli played solidly all through court with good team defence and consistent shooting romping home to 53-17 win.  Today they face a tough day against strong opposition from Lincoln High School and Marlborough Girls, two wins will see them through to the quarter finals.


Day 2

Day two SISS Junior Netball Tournament was played yesterday in wet and cold conditions at Hagley Park, Christchurch. 


Both the Roncalli 9A and 10A teams won three from three on day two, this ensured top 8 playoff placings for both but unfortunately for the 9As they finished even on points and a goal differential ruling put them out of division one top 8 contention.

Roncalli 10A’s first game of the day up against Lincoln on centre court proved to be a great start with the attack line of Macie Austin and Kate Arscott playing a strong driving game and feeding the shooters good ball.  Goal shoot Libby Davenport played an outstanding game combining strongly with goal attack Laura Dorgan.  Roncalli dominated at both ends of the court and the team defence was again a highlight turning over numerous ball for the attack line which denied Lincoln’s very tall shooters, Roncalli took the win 43-30.  Up against a very robust, physical Marlborough side, Roncalli came out firing from the start.  The defence duo of Jada Hammond and Kelly Waud continued their tireless work gaining many tips and rebounds.  Emma Goddard at centre linked well with the defence and bought the ball through court to the shooters who again shot with accuracy to win the game by two goals 32-30.  This win secured a spot in the top 8 division one quarter finals playing against a strong Christchurch Girls High School.  In atrocious conditions Roncalli came out with determination to absorb pressure from a really strong Christchurch team.  The entire team had to dig deep and after one goal difference at each quarter, Roncalli was on the upper end at three quarter time 24-23.  Laura Cockroft came on at wing defence and her calm approach assisted the players to stay focused until the final whistle the scores were locked at 29 all.  A result was needed to determine semi-finals so play had to continue until one team was up by two goals.  Both teams continued to score goal for goal until a timely intercept by goal defence Kelly Waud was just the break they needed to see goal attack Laura Dorgan slot the winning shot, final score 34-32.  With much excitement the team and supporters can now look forward to the semi-final today where they will meet Cashmere High School.  A win will see them in the final with either Southland Girls High School or Waimea College last year’s winners.  Coach Steph Waud said “Their hard work during the season has paid off and they deserve their top four placing”.

The Roncalli 9A team played Southland Girls High School first up which was a tight match but came away with an eventual win 33-31.  Accurate shooting from Sonnie Katene and Abby O’Brien  was a highlight of the game.  Next game up was against St Hildas Collegiate School was played in torrential rain.  The defensive combination on Jaymee Cannell and Kate Braddick was outstanding as they both took numerous intercepts and gathered many rebounds from missed shots.  The weather impacted on the low scoring game but Roncalli were eventual winners 19-15.  The Roncalli 9A team after winning these two games thought they had done enough to secure a top 8 place however they were tied on points with Christchurch Girls High School, and unfortunately CGHS had the better goal differential which saw them go into the top 8 playoffs which left Roncalli playing off for 9th -16th. The division two quarter final Roncalli faced Cashmere High School who struggled against a strong Roncalli team effort, the final result was 41-12.  Hannah Watson and Emily Wilson played well in wet and cold conditions.  Once again the shooting circle of O’Brien and Katene along with the defensive pairing of Braddick and Cannell put in superb efforts to secure a semi-final place against Columba College at 8.30am today.  A win will secure a place in the division two final against either Lincoln High School or Marian College.


Day 3


Year 10 team and coaches
Day three at SISS Junior netball tournament, Roncalli 10A semi –final game against Cashmere High School, Roncalli matched the physicality of the Cashmere girls and were goal for goal until half time.  Cashmere came out in the second half a lot stronger and pressurised our attack line.  This caused some inconsistent decision making  which resulted in Cashmere sensing a win and gaining the momentum.  The final score of 38-25 reflected a strong second half performance by the Cashmere team which saw them as the deserved winners.  This result meant Roncalli were then up against last year’s winners Waimea College for 3rd and 4th place.  Roncalli bounced back with a solid start to the game and played good open netball.  With the shooters Libby Davenport and Laura Dorgan shooting with great accuracy, the result never looked in doubt.  Macie Austin at wing attack played a good game along with Emma Goddard at centre who linked well with both ends of the court. The defence trio of Ainslie Tipper, Kelly Waud and Jada Hammond worked hard the entire game and the final result of third place exceeded the teams goal of finishing higher placed than eighth at last year’s tournament.  Final score 42-38.  Cashmere defeated Southland Girls High School in the year 10 final.  At the end of the tournament, Laura Dorgan's continuous hard work paid off being named as one of ten identified talented players in the year ten age group
Roncalli 9A team were determined to make the division two final after narrowly missing out on top 8 playoffs.  The day started well with a convincing 34-26 win over Columba with Sonnie Katene at goal attack shooting 21 from 21 (100%).  The defensive pair of Jaymee Cannell and Kate Braddick again played another outstanding game together claiming numerous turnover ball.  This set them up for the division two final playing for 9th and 10th spot overall against Marian College.  Roncalli started well with a 6-3 lead at quarter time, however Marian came out strong and took the lead 12-8 at half time.  Roncalli were then having to play catch up netball and ended up making too many unforced errors resulting in goals for Marian.  Down four going into the final quarter Roncalli clawed back to be within two goals but it was too late, going down 20-18.  This result placed Roncalli tenth out of 32 teams.  The year 9 final was played between Christchurch Girls High School and Southland Girls High School, with CGHS taking the title convincingly.

Year 9 team SISS 2012 (2)
Another highlight of the tournament was Roncalli umpire Brittany Cannell being rewarded with a division two final game after two days of consistent umpiring.

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