Roncalli Netball Selection Policy

Team and Player Selection Policy 2013
  1. Purpose
  2. Trial Format
  3. Selection Panel
  4. Non-attendance at Trials
  5. Naming of Teams
6. Disputes Procedures
1. Purpose
To provide players with the opportunity to represent Roncalli College at a level suitable to their ability; to provide opportunities for players to progress through the Netball South Canterbury , Canterbury Region and Netball New Zealand development frameworks and to enhance players enjoyment of the game.
Through the selection of teams, Roncalli College aims to:
  • Ensure all identified athletes are given equal opportunity to be considered for a team and provided with skill development opportunities to assist them to reach their potential.
  • Provide suitable coaches and opportunities for further development for all netballers, coaches, managers and umpires.
  • Provide a safe environment for all netballers and coaching management to effectively participate in netball.
      -     Ensure all Roncalli College netballers are placed in an appropriate team that will allow them to develop their netball skills, and enhance their enjoyment of the game.
      -     Select an A and B Senior Team and a Year 10A and Year 9A team with    the level of competencies required, and who have the desire and potential to play at a higher level, or who can provide these   developing players with good support.
Prior to trials, the Roncalli College Netball Committee would consider allowing exceptional junior players (i.e. Year 9 or 10) to trial for the Senior A team.  The following factors would be taken into consideration:
  • the maturity of the individual player; physical, social, emotional, mental
  • the amount of court time the player would get and whether they would benefit more from being on court in a junior age group team
  • thinking ahead - will the player continue to feature in future plans?
  • the level of competition in which the team will be performing.
  1. Trial Format
Players will register with the Netball School Co-ordinator once the Trial dates have been set and coaches and selectors named.
Games will be approximately 10minutes in length and all attempts will be made to trial players in every position they have listed on their registration form (up to 3 preferred positions).
During the trials, the selectors will evaluate individual skill levels, fitness, and team playing abilities of each player. The following aspects will be evaluated to determine which team a player is selected for e.g. warm up, fitness, player combinations, skills, coach-ability, attitude, leadership, communication, team dynamics, and individual player characteristics.
  1. Selection Panel
The Netball Sports Co-ordinator will convene the selection panel at all trials with help from the Netball Committee. Selectors may include appointed coaches at each level, a Committee member with proven netball selection knowledge, and one invited independent selector with previous proven netball selection experience. There will be a minimum of three selectors for each team.
  1. Non-Attendance at Trials
Players unable to attend trials for any reason will have their team selection based on availability of positions within the teams, information provided by the coach at the conclusion of the previous season, and through consultation with the selectors, the coaches, and Roncalli College Netball Committee.
If a player is unable to attend a trial due to injury or illness:
-Where possible the player will be invited to attend another trial.
- If this is not possible, the selectors may consider past (only last 12 months) team experience and performance of that player.
If a player is unable to attend a trial due to other reasons:
- The selectors have the discretion to allow the player to be considered for selection into the team in extraordinary circumstances. Communications of unavailability for trials must have been provided and approved in advance of the first trial.
Written proof of the circumstances may be required in this situation.
In this situation, players will be required to follow the same procedures as for illness or injury.
  1. Naming of Teams
Teams will be named within one week of their final trial and after teams have been passed through Roncalli College Sports Co-ordinator and Netball Committee. All players must have paid their previous year’s subs otherwise they will forfeit their team position. Teams will be posted on Noticeboards and Roncalli College website.
  1. Disputes Procedures
Notwithstanding any of the provisions in this Policy, it is acknowledged that when applying the criteria and considerations set out above, there will be, at times, extremely difficult choices to be made which will require the Selection Panel to exercise its discretion and judgement. Providing the Selection Panel has properly considered the criteria and considerations set out in this Policy, and has exercised its discretion and judgement in good faith, then the Selection Panel will have fulfilled all of its obligations under this Policy.
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