Roncalli Netball Coaching Appointment Policy

Roncalli College Netball ~ Coaching Appointment Policy
  1. Advertise for Coaches
  2. Collate applications
  3. Acknowledge applications received within a week of receiving
  4. Table the applications received to Netball Committee Meeting
In the event that more than one person applies for the same coaching position, an interview panel should be assembled by the Chairperson and Secretary that satisfies the following conditions:
  1. Consist of a minimum of 3 members and maximum of 5
  2. All should have good knowledge of netball coaching
  3. Any and all conflicts of interest should disclosed and assessed by the Committee
  4. There should be at least one College Representative
  5. Appropriate independent person
  6. A Sub Committee Chairperson should be decided.
The Chairperson will provide the panel with relevant information, documentation and interview forms
Panel Responsibilities
  1. Members of the panel will shortlist applicants against the position requirements as advertised if necessary.
  2. Shortlisting is to be carried out within 7 days of the application closing day. 7 days should be allowed between shortlisting notification and the interview date.
  3. If there are no applicants who meet the essential requirement then the position should be re- advertised and applicants advised of the process.
Interview Format
  • Introductions and Welcome
  • Interview with Panel
  • The panel should use a range of standard prepared questions plus supplementary and follow up questions. Scenarios may also be provided for the candidate to solve.
Ensure the applicants are:
  • Given the opportunity to ask questions
  • Advised on how and when they will be informed of the selection outcome
Post Interview
  • At the conclusion of the interviews the panel will rank the candidates and inform the full Committee via the Secretary.
  • The Chairperson will make the offer to the preferred candidate. Should they decline they will make an offer to the next ranked candidate.
The unsuccessful candidate/s should be informed within 3 days of interview by the Chairperson.

Monday 19 October 2015 (Version #1)
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