Netball Managers Document

Roncalli College Netball Manager’s Responsibilities


Thank you for taking on this role as Manager of a Roncalli Netball Team.  Please view this document to assist you in your role.
Duties include:
1. At the beginning of the season ensure that each player has received a copy of the Roncalli College Netball Player Requirements.
2.         Do an umpires roster, and explain that if they cannot do their duty, they MUST find someone to do is for them.  Otherwise there is a fine of $30.00 per umpire and four competition points deducted from the team.
3.         Let players know playing time, court number and if required to do duty.
4.         As manager if you are unable to attend a game, it is your reasonability to arrange for another adult to be present and let the coach know.
5.         You are responsible for any basic first aid or treatment, that maybe required, or getting the player to a further appropriate treatment, and contacting a parent or guardian if required.
6.         Make sure all players are in correct uniform, i.e. no jewellery, check finger nails.
7.         Write a short report outlining how your season went, and if you have any recommendations to be given to the netball committee.
8.         If your team needs to use a player from a lower team, that team’s coach must be contacted and asked permission prior to the game starting.
9.         If your team wants to buy or fundraise for additional clothing, e.g. warm up T-shirt, fleeces, permission must be given from the Roncalli College Netball Committee (RCNC).
10.       Any issues with players or parents that cannot be resolved need to be brought to the attention of either the Roncalli College Sports Co-ordinator in charge of netball or the chairperson of the RCNC.
Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being the Team Manager.  On behalf of Roncalli Netball and the team we wish to thank you for your support and supervision.  Without your help the team would not be able to participate.
We hope that you enjoy your role.  Feel free to contact either the Roncalli College Sports Co-ordinator in charge of netball or the RCNC chairperson for any further advice or to answer any questions.

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