Committee Member Guidelines

Roncalli College Netball
Committee Member Guidelines
Members who are on the Roncalli College Netball Committee are responsible for supporting the development of players, coaches, managers, and umpires.  They are also responsible for overseeing both fundraising ventures and the outfitting of team uniforms and other clothing for Roncalli College netball.
The RCNC will meet regularly and on other occasions when the need arises.
Responsibilities of individual committee members are to:
  • Commit to preparing for and attending meetings.
  • Agree to stick to the majority decision.
  • Support fellow committee members and Roncalli College Netball.
  • Be fair and open in dealings.
  • Carry out individual assignments as handed out by the Chairperson.
Any concerns or issues regarding players, teams, coaches, managers, or parents need to be brought to the attention of the Roncalli College Sports Co-ordinator in charge of netball and/or the RCNC Chairperson.  No committee member is to approach individual players, coaches, managers or parents regarding issues. 
At the AGM, committee members will be asked to read and sign these guidelines to show that they understand the responsibility of being a RCNC member.
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