Aoraki Secondary Schools Athletics

Aoraki Secondary Schools Athletics 2017

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1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

UNDER 15 Girls

Morgan Oudemans

3rd 200m (29.86s)


Meghan Phillips

AWD (PD/ID) - 1st 200m (55.26s), 2nd 100m (23.47m)


Michelle Andrews

3rd shot put (8.83m)

UNDER 16 Girls

Ruby young

1st 3000m (13:20.42)

UNDER 19 Girls

Anna Gregan

2nd 3000m (12:50.81)


Brittney Young

1st high jump (1.44m), 1st triple jump (10.47m), 1st long jump (4.90m)


Dharma Brooks

2nd discus (25.77m)


UNDER 14 Boys

Adithyan Rajesh

2nd long jump (4.62m)

UNDER 15 Boys

Jackson Hicks-Sandri

2nd 100m (12.73s), 3rd 200m (25.88s)


Alex O’Brien

AWD (PD/ID) – 2nd 100m (21.79s)

UNDER 16 Boys

Marika Parker

2nd discus (30.99m), 3rd shot put (10.14m)


Jan Hendrik-Kuepper

1st triple jump (11.50m), 2nd 800m (2:15.53)


4 x 100m relay

3rd (49.53s) - Jackson Hicks-Sandri, Marika Parker, Hajie Tamorite, Jan-Hendrik Kuepper

UNDER 19 Boys

Dominic Shaw

1st high jump (1.80m)


4th - 8th Place
Under 14 Jemma Kiernan - 5th 100m (14.61s); Hannah Lysaght – 6th 800m (2:55.29); 4 x 100m relay 4th (58.88s) – Jemma Kiernan, Maiana Te Maiharoa-Beynon, Liz Thompson, Hannah Lysaght;
Under 15  – Morgan Oudemans 5th high jump (1.35m), 6th long jump (4.10m); Meghan Phillips (AWD) -4th shot put (3.25m); Jessica Guiney – 8th 800m (3:00.95), 7th 1500m (6:02.75); Michelle Andrews 4th discus (22.21m), 6th javelin (16.87m);
Under 16 – Ruby Young - 4th 200m (30.17s), 6th 100m (14.22s);
Under 19 – Dharma Brooks 8th shot put (8.29m); Ruby Sugrue - 6th long jump (3.98m); 4 x 100m relay 5th - (56.94s) - Brittney Young, Ruby Sugrue, Morgan Oudemans (U15), Ruby Young (U16);
Under 15 - Jackson Hicks-Sandri – 6th long jump (4.74m); Lleyton Phillips – 4th discus (25.48m), 7th shot put (8.47m); Daniel Kemp – 8th 100m (14.14s), 8th 400m (74.68s); Tom Cox – 5th 800m (2:23.24), 8th javelin (23.04m); Rueben Lee – 7th high jump (1.45m); Alex O’Brien (AWD) - 4th 200m (46.52s); 4 x 100m relay 4th (53.49s) –Daniel Kemp, Tom Cox, Rueben Lee, Adithyan Rajesh (U14);
Under 16 - Hajie Tamorite - 6th 100m (12.51s), 7th 200m (26.22s); Jan-Hendrik Kuepper -  4th long jump (5.41m); U19–Dominic Shaw – 6th 100m (12.42s), 6th 200m (25.03s); Gerry McKeown – 8th 200m (25.41s); Jack Gibbs – 4th 3000m (10:07.43), 5th 400m (56.95s); Robert Morrison – 8th shot put (10.74m); 4 x 100m relay 5th (48.89s) – Josh Manson, Dominic Shaw, Gerry McKeown, Robert Morrison.
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
UNDER 14 Girls -        
Michelle Andrews      3rd shot put (8.55m);
Meghan Phillips         AWD (PD/ID) - 1st 200m (52.04s), 3rd 100m (23.01m);
UNDER 16 Girls -        
Anna Gregan              2nd 3000m (12:45.40);
Brittney Young          1st triple jump (10.35m), 2nd long jump (4.92m);
UNDER 19 Girls -        
Ruby Harper               1st Javelin (30.62m), 1st discus (29.38m), 3rd shot put 8.68m;
4 x 100m relay             1st - (54.38s) Ruby Harper, Sonnie Katene, Brittney Young (u16), Ruby Sugrue (u16);
UNDER 14 Boys –       
James Kissell               1st 80m hurdles (15.68s);
Jackson Hicks-Sandri 3rd discus (25.85m)
4 x 100m relay                 2nd - (56.19) Tom Cox, Daniel Kemp, Thomas Flynn, George Laing;
UNDER 15 Boys -        
Dean Andrews           1st Javelin (47.61m) – RECORD;
                                    1st long jump (6.11m) - RECORD @ 6.01m
                                    1st triple jump (11.69m);
Marika Parker             2nd discus (29.53m), 2nd shot put (10.18m);
Jan-Hendrik Kuepper         3rd 800m (2:15.43), 3rd long jump (5.15m), 3rd triple jump (10.07m)
UNDER 16 Boys -        
Jack Gibbs                   1st 3000m (9:38.60) - RECORD;
Thomas Kissell            3rd 1500m (4.54.44);
4 x 100m relay              2nd (48.96s) - Keegan Gill, Dean Andrews, Jack Gibbs, Tyrone Cox;
UNDER 19 Boys -        
Jordyn Ellis                 3rd 200m (24.81s);
4 x 100m relay              3rd - (47.16s) – Aidan Barnes-Webber,  Jack O’Shaughnessy, Dominic Shaw, Jordyn Ellis;
New Records:- 
Dean Andrews U15 boys Javelin 47.61m (previous record 47.06m W T Hunt TIMB 1980)
Dean Andrews U15 boys long jump 6.01m (previous record 5.91m K Fowler GERA 2004)
Jack Gibbs U16 boys 3000m 9:38.60 (previous record 10:21.32 C Millar RONC)
4th – 8th Place
GIRLS U14  – Meghan Phillips (AWD) - 4th shot put (2.93m); Michelle Andrews 4th discus (22.30m); Ruby Anderson 5th 100m (14.31s); Summar Benson 6th 200m (31.25s), 8th 100m (14.97s); Maddison Fisher 7th discus (18.94m);  4 x 100m relay team 5th (57.51s) – Ruby Anderson, Summar Benson, Morgan Oudemans, Holly Doudle);
U15 – Ruby Young 5th 200m (30.17s), 7th 100m (14.82s), 7th triple jump (7.19m);
U16 -  Brittney Young 4th 100m (14.05s); Ruby Sugrue 4th 200m (30.46s), 8th long jump (4.09m);
BOYS U14 – George Laing 4th 800m (2:32.44); Thomas Cox 7th 800m (2:37.15); Josiah Ioane 5th long jump (4.35m);  Theo Jones 6th triple jump (8.52m);
U16- Tyrone Cox 5th 100m (12.82s), 6th 200m (26.34s), 7th triple jump (10.25m); Keegan Gill 6th discus (27.23m), 8th 200m (26.69s); Jack Gibbs 5th 400m (58.08s); James Arscott 4th 800m (2:24.98); Robert Morrison 6th shot put (10.54m);
U19– Jordyn Ellis 7th 100m (12.50s); Dominic Shaw 4th 200m (25.10s); Xye Doyle 5th discus (30.20m);
2016 Aoraki SS Athletics Champs
Aoraki Athletics
3 records broken (one very impressive 36 year old record) -
Dean Andrews - U15 boys javelin 47.61m -(47.06m record held since 1980);
U15 boys long jump 6.01m - (5.91m record held since 2004).
Jack Gibbs - U16 boys 3000m 9:38.60 -(10:21.32 record held since 2012);

9 x Aoraki titles, 6 x 2nds, 9 x 3rds
Overall it was an awesome day filled with students producing outstanding results over all age groups.

Congratulations to Roncalli students Dean Andrews and Jack Gibbs NEW Aoraki Secondary Schools Athletics Records.

U15 boys Javelin 47.61m (previous record held since 1980 47.06m WT Hunt TBHS),
U15 boys Long Jump 6.01m (previous record held since 2004 5.91m K Fowler GERA);

U16 boys 3000m 9:38.60 (previous record held since 2012 10:21.32 C Millar RONC).
Well done to every student who competed yesterday producing outstanding results and representing the College with pride. (overall top 3 placings - 9 x 1st, 6 x 2nd & 9 x 3rd).

Thank you to the parents, students and supporters who turned up throughout the day to cheer on the athletes, the support staff who officiated in various roles and Rose Harper for her amazing help with Mrs Cannell managing the team, it truly was a fantastic day.
20160317 155651
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2015 Atheltics
A huge congratulations to all students who competed today at the Aoraki Secondary School Athletic Champs. The team looked amazing in the NEW athletic... singlets!

Outstanding results produced with one new Aoraki record, 12 x 1sts, 3 x 2nds and 5 x 3rds. Stand out athletes:-
Dean Andrews (U14 boys) - 1st 100m, 1st long jump & 1st Javelin, with a new Aoraki javelin RECORD 47.84m;
Christina Ryan (U19 girls) - 1st long jump, 1st discus, 1st 100m hurdles;
Laura Dorgan (U19 girls) - 1st 400m, 2nd 100m;
Willy Taylor (U19 boys) - 1st 400m, 2nd 200m;
Emma Goddard (U19 girls) - 1st high jump, 1st triple jump;
Ruby Harper (U19 girls) - 1st Javelin;
U19 girls relay 1st - Laura Dorgan, Christina Ryan, Emma Goddard, Ruby Harper;
U19 boys relay 3rd - Willy Taylor, Aidan Barnes-Webber, Jack O'Shaughnessy, Matt McKechnie;
U15 girls relay 3rd - Emily Gilchrist, Melissa Pateman, Ruby Young, Ruby Sugrue

Thank you to the awesome parents and staff who helped out with the team on the embankment and/or officiated out in the field. It was a fantastic day despite the chilly start and windy conditions, but everyone should be proud of their efforts.
Roncalli College Aoraki Athletics team - 2015


1st, 2nd, 3rd Placings
UNDER 14 Girls –
Emily Gilchrist - 2nd triple jump (8.60m), 3rd 100m (14.41s);
Ophelia Stott - 3rd 400m (71.58s), 3rd 1500m (5:46.27);
4 x 100m relay - 3rd (57.54s Emily Gilchrist, Bridey Flynn, Ruby Sugrue, Molly Richardson)
UNDER 16 Girls -    
Christina Ryan - 1st 80m Hurdles (13.01s), 1st Long Jump (5.25m Record), 1st Discus (33.96m);
Ruby Harper - 3rd Discus (23.71m);
UNDER 19 Girls -    
Brittany Cannell - 1st 200m (27.88s), 1st 100m (13.59);
Laura Dorgan - 1st 400m (63.03s), 2nd 100m (13.68s);
Emma Goddard - 3rd High Jump (1.40m), 3rd Triple Jump (9.27m), 3rd Long Jump (4.37m);
4 x 100m relay - 1st (53.67s Emma Goddard, Christina Ryan, Brittany Cannell, Laura Dorgan);
UNDER 14 Boys –    
Jack Gibbs     - 1st 3000m (10:26.72 Record), 1st 1500m (4:59.09);
Tyrone Cox - 3rd Javelin (26.98m);
UNDER 16 Boys -    
Samuel Kensell - 3rd 3000m (10:56.03);
Jonathan Rush - 1st discus (41.70m), 1st triple jump (11.28m), 3rd Javelin (39.62m);
Jack O’Shaughnessy - 3rd 200m (25.61s);
4 x 100m relay - 3rd (49.62s Jack O’Shaughnessy, Aidan Barnes-Webber, JP Heunis, Jonathan Rush);
UNDER 19 Boys -    
James Sandilands - 1st 110m Hurdles (14.17s Record), 1st High Jump (1.95m);
Jacob Matson - 1st 100m (11.13 Record); 1st 200m (22.30s);
Jamahl Trillo-Feely - 1st Triple Jump (11.81m);
Stephen Tui - 2nd Javelin (45.17m);
Tom Prayoonyuang - 2nd Long Jump (5.66m);
Tom Anderson - 3rd 400m (54.95s);
4 x 100m relay - 1st (44.66s Record - Dan Patterson, Jacob Matson, Tom Anderson, James Sandilands)
New Records 
Jack Gibbs U14 boys 3000m, Christina Ryan U15 girls long jump, James Sandilands U19 boys 110m hurdles, Jacob Matson U19 boys 100m; U19 Boys 4 x 100m relay team;
4th – 8th Place
GIRLS U14  – Bridey Flynn 6th 100m (14.85s); Ruby Sugrue 6th 200m (31.47s), 7th long jump (3.88m); Carmelita Burrell 5th 400m (78.56s), 7th 1500m (6:58.13); Taylah Marr 5th 800m (2:44.38), 5th discus (18.48m); Ophelia Stott 6th 800m (2:48.93); Molly Richardson 5th triple jump (7.71m); Emily Gilchrist 5th shot put (7.80m);
U15 -  Isobel McKeown 5th 100m (14.84s), 6th shot put (8.00m), 8th long jump (3.78m);
U16 – Sonnie Katene 4th triple jump (8.73m), 5th 800m (2:55.32); Scarlett Stott 7th 1500m (6:18.88); Ruby Harper 7th javelin (17.51m); 4 x 100m relay 4th (57.29);
U19 –Shannon Wallace 4th 800m (3:02.61); Jada Hammond 5th shot put (8.25m), 7th discus (20.82m);
BOYS U14– Monty Nixon 5th 200m (27.88), 7th 100m (13.61s); Keegan Gill 6th 200m (28.45s); Thomas Kissell 5th 800m (2:40.68), 6th 1500m (5:41.46), 5th 3000m (12:27.81); Gabriel Evans 6th triple jump (8.60m), 7th high jump (1.30m); 4 x 100m relay 6th (54.49s); Tyrone Cox 4th long jump (4.64m); Jack Gibbs 4th triple jump (9.30m); Thomas Kerr 5th discus (22.39m), 6th shot put (9.12m);
U15 – John Woodall 6th 1500m (5:40.55); Isaac Matson 5th triple jump (9.46m); Xye Doyle 5th shot put (8.55m), 7th discus (24.81m); 4 x 100m relay 6th (54.20s);
U16- Jack O’Shaughnessy 4th 400m (59.65s), 8th 100m (12.84s); Samuel Kensell 4th 800m (2:24.14), 4th 1500m (5:22.46); JP Heunis 6th shot put (9.64m), 8th high jump (1.50m);
U19– Dan Patterson 4th 200m (24.35s); 6th 100m (12.10s); Tom Prayoonyuang 5th triple jump (11.35m);



Wednesday 13 March
Roncalli College top 3 results - 15 x 1sts, 9 x 2nds and 6x 3rds.
Three Aoraki Records.
1 2 3 4 5

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Congratulations to our Roncalli students on their outstanding achievements at the Aoraki Athletics Champs.

Roncalli Aoraki Athletics Team 2012
                               Roncalli College Aoraki Athletics Team 2012

Top 3 results:

UNDER 14 Girls:-       
Christina Ryan  1st long jump (5.12m R), 1st 80m hurdles (13.4s), 2nd 100m (13.24s),
Ruby Harper  1st 400m (1:04.51), 3rd discus (20.50m)
Grace Faulkner  2nd 3000m (13:38.93)

UNDER 15 Girls:-       
Emma Goddard  1st 80m hurdles (16.85s), 2nd triple jump (9.50m),
Macie Austin  1st 100m (14.27s)

UNDER 16 Girls:-       
Brittany Cannell  1st 200m (27.79s), 1st 100m (13.58s),
Chante Cooper  3rd 3000m (12:35.99), 3rd 1500m (5:54.35)

UNDER 19 Girls:-       
Leanna Ryan  1st 100m hurdles (14.98s), 1st 100m (12.65s R), 1st long jump (5.42m)
Heather Livesey  2nd 800m (2:41.53), 2nd 3000m (12:00.25)

4 x 100m relay        2nd - (54.84s Leanna Ryan, Brittany Cannell, Macie Austin, Emma Goddard)
UNDER 14 Boys:- 
Alex Powell  3rd 800m (2:26.64)
Chris Hogg   1st 3000m (10:44.62), 2nd 1500m (5:13.92)

UNDER 15 Boys:-      
Jacob Matson  1st 200m (23.69s R), 1st 100m (11.66s R), 2nd long jump (5.17m)

UNDER 16 Boys          :-      
Sam Fraser  3rd 1500m (5:02.50),
Liam Cosgrove   2nd 400m (57.06),
Tom Anderson    3rd 800m (2:21.91)
James Faulkner  2nd 3000m (10:48.11),
CJ Millar  1st 3000m (10.21.32 R), 2nd 1500m (4:57.65),
Tom Prayoonyuang    3rd Triple Jump (10.90m)

4 x 100m relay team         2nd - (48.19s Liam Cosgrove, CJ Millar, Jacob Matson, Sam Fraser)
UNDER 19 boys:-      
Ben Watson  1st  Javelin (49.49m)

1st:      15
2nd:     10
3rd:      7       
5 x records
Aoraki Records:
Jacob Matson - 100m, 200m
Leanna Ryan - 100m
Christina Ryan - Long Jump
CJ Millar - 3000m

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Roncalli College was represented with 68 students at the 2011 Aoraki Secondary Schools Athletics Championships held on Wednesday 23rd March at the All Weather Track, Aorangi Park.

Congratulations to all students who competed to a very high standard, producing some outstanding performances:-
13 x 1sts, 17 x 2nds, & 8 x 3rd placings. We also gained a number of finalists in the track events and top eight in the field events.
A special mention to James Sandilands who broke an Aoraki record in the U15 boys 80m hurdles in a time of 11.6secs (record was 12.2secs).

Top 3 results:
UNDER 14 girls:
Laura Dorgan 1st 400m (1.07.3)
Christina Ryan 1st long jump (4.52m), 2nd 70m hurdles (13.1s), 3rd 200m (30.1s)
Emma Goddard 2nd long jump (4.16m)
4 x 100m relay team 2nd (58.0s-Christina Ryan, Emma Goddard, Macie Austin, Kate Shaw)
UNDER 15 girls:
Brittany Cannell 1st 100m (13.1s), 1st 200m (27.1s), 3rd discus (19.70m)
UNDER 16 girls:
Leanna Ryan 1st 80m hurdles (12.4s), 1st 100m (12.6s), 1st long jump (4.95m)
Caitlin Rowland 2nd 1500m (5.33.7)
Lavani Faha 3rd Discus (21.56m);
UNDER 19 girls:
Greta Liedtke 1st 200m (29.4s), 2nd= long jump (4.18m)
Lucinda Shaw 3rd Discus (24.99m)

UNDER 14 boys:
Jacob Matson 1st 100m (11.9s), 1st 200m (24.8s), 1st long jump (5.17m)
Jonathan Rush 2nd 80m hurdles (15.6s)
UNDER 15 boys:
James Sandilands 1st 80m hurdles (11.6s - RECORD), 2nd high jump (1.70m), 2nd discus (32.95m)
Liam Cosgrove 2nd 400m (1:00.0), 2nd 200m (26.3s)
Tom Anderson 2nd 800m (2:22.8)
James Faulkner 2nd 3000m (11.14.9)
Reuben King 2nd Javelin (32.86m)
Tom Prayoonyuang 2nd long jump (4.93m)
4 x 100m relay team 2nd (50.6s - Matt Priest, Liam Cosgrove, C J Millar, James Sandilands)
UNDER 16 boys:
Tim Brien 3rd Discus (31.33m)
UNDER 19 boys:
Harlem Cole 1st Discus (40.53m), 2nd 100m (11.6s), 2nd 200m (23.5s)
Ben Watson 3rd Javelin (40.50m)
Felise Kolio Sio 3rd Shot Put (11.88m)
Tim Bunckenburg 2nd = high jump (1.65m)

A HUGE thank you to the parents and staff who helped officiate on the day (Jenny Ryan, Sue Brien, Debra Ruffell, Trevor Nicol, Michelle Bower and Jose Zandbergen). BIG thanks to Mr Bunckenburg who was the Meeting Manager and assisted in the organisation of the day, Mrs Cannell for all her time and commitment organising the athletes leading up to the event and during the day as team manager. A HUGE thank you to parents Vashti Hammond and Tammy Belworthy who assisted throughout the day with distribution of uniforms and gathering results. To the many parents who came along to support the team this was very much appreciated.
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