Year 9 Retreats

The focus of the Year 9 Retreat is Creation and Co-Creation.

Students are taken out and about in the community focusing on various ways we look after our environment. Students learn how they can contribute to creating new eco-systems and recreational as they participate in looking after the Roncalli section of the Wetlands by weeding around shrubs and trees. Students visit the Council Recycling Station and observe at close quarters the amount and content of the rubbish within our community and the great effort put into recycling. They learn about composting and how we can use green waste to our advantage.  Students visit Caroline Bay and again enjoy a large recreational area that has been reclaimed from previously undeveloped areas. 

The visit to the SPCA is always a highlight of the Year 9 Retreat. Students see a presentation which explains how the SPCA operates and the kind of animal rescue and rehabilitation work they do.
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