Special Character

Roncalli: A Catholic College where Faith, Tradition and Gospel Values are paramount.

The school's Special Character has grown from the following influences:

  • Mercy and Marist Traditions of service, concern for the under-priviliged and disadvantaged and the way we treat each other in the tradition of Jesus Christ through gentleness, courtesy, kindness and firmness.

  • The Charisma of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (Pope John XX111) who steered the Catholic Church on a path of renewal and openess.

  • The College aims to encourage and enable each student to grow in Spirituality, to a deeper understanding of Jesus and the Church, and integrate faith and learning.
  • The increasing popularity amongst parents for Catholic and values-based education is evident in the pressures in recent years on the school's roll. This extends to non-Catholic parents (with the number of applicants far outstripping the number of "Non-preference" placements available).

  • The school's quality Religious Education programmes give students an understanding of the history, beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. This provides students with a compelling spiritual and values base from which to anchor their life experiences and strengthen their personal development.

  • Roncalli is the family name of Pope John XXIII, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. He steered the Church on a path of renewal which revitalised Catholic life throughout the world.

  • Roncalli College is fortunate to be situated alongside the impressive Sacred Heart Basilica (which adds to the richness and Catholic identity of the school).

  • The College's Mercy and Marist traditions emphaise service, concerns for the poor and the disadvantaged. This tradition is also evident in the way teachers at the school treat students with kindness, gentleness, courtesy and firmness. This leads to clear expectations, a safe and secure learning environment.

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