Pastoral Structure

After consultation and dialogue there has been an alteration to the way the students are supported pastorally through our Deaning System. Part of this change has been brought about by the need to support students within the House System and at specific Year Levels, but within the resourcing constraints of a College our size and nature.

The House System is an integral part of the special character of Roncalli College. The philosophy behind it is to encourage a sense of community by mixing students from all year levels and providing opportunities for them to work together in pursuit of a common goal. By working together, students and staff cross-pollinate personal qualities, experiences and create long term relationships with a sense of depth. One of the strengths of Roncalli College is the depth of relationships between students, their families and staff. This is the basis behind the vertical House Group System that is the basic unit of pastoral care; long term relationships between the stakeholders that engender trust and consistency. The mentoring of student leaders, liaison with House Group teachers, facilitation of House activities and monitoring of absences will be the major functions of the House Dean.
The position of Year Level Dean is intended to nurture and support students of a particular cohort as they mature. In order to mirror the function and rationale of the House Group Teacher and the House Dean, the Year Level Dean will be attached to a specific cohort and move through the year levels with that cohort until they reach the end of Year 13. The academic progress and behaviour of students will be the major function of the Year Level Dean. They will work with subject and House Group teachers, as well as Curriculum Leaders and House Deans to monitor the overall progress of the student.

Overall, each student and their parent or caregiver will be supported with 3 long term relationships during their time at the College, maintaining consistency and with a depth born from honesty and trust.
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