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Social Justice Trip to Cambodia and Vietnam
Roncalli College students help out at the Parish Soup Kitchen
(Photos below)
Thursday 30 June 2016
A hallmark of the Catholic faith tradition is a concern for the common good borne out in service to others.The benefit of this tradition is first to the students, but ultimately to society at large. On Thursday 30 June, Year 9 & 10 students will have the opportunity to be involved in Service Day. Students are encouraged to think of the needs of others then to select a service activity that will bring meaning not only to themselves but also to the community.
Service work can include any type of voluntary activity that benefits other people or the environment. For example, completing house work for an elderly person,  volunteering to rake leaves, cleaning windows, cleaning up a local waterway or park area, teaching  a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet, offering  to read to residents in a retirement home, volunteering for a community organisation etc.
Students are able to complete their service either individually or within a small group. The work is voluntary and the expectation is students will spend a minimum of three hours engaged in the activity.
Students will select their service activities in consultation with their Religious Education teachers next week. By Thursday 23 June students will have selected their activity and will approach the organisation to offer their services. Your support with helping your child facilitate this contact will be appreciated. If you have any concerns or would like any further information, please contact the College Office. All students have received an individual letter detailing the specific requirements of Service Day.
Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous
To serve you as you deserve to be served
To give without counting the cost
To fight without heeding the wounds,
To work without seeking rest,
To spend my life without expecting any other reward
than the knowledge that I am doing your holy will. Amen
St. Ignatius Loyola
Students are being encouraged to
Surviving the Slums
A group of 20 students spent the night sleeping in cardboard boxes with newspaper blankets to show solidarity with the poor and vulnerable in our world. Students were set to raise a target of $50 sponsorship each. The students were put into family groups, and were given the challenge of using a bag of odd-ends and bits to fashion a water carrying object before the arrival of the "Caritas water truck" (AKA Mr Wilson with a jug of water). Missionary worker Nicki Cowan gave a presentation about living in Nigeria, and Fr Mark Walls spoke about looking after people closer to home. Then we were serenaded by Hamish Scarsbrook playing piano while we made knotted bracelets as sweat shop work. Most got one bracelet made of dubious quality - the sweat shop market would have given them a Not Achieved. During the night the newspaper was very rustly and the cardboard boxes hard and cold. In the dark of the morning we ascended the basilica, and were blessed with a spectacular sunrise, complete with rainbow and moon. Keep an ear out for a repeat of this experience next year!
Photos above.
2016 Easter Liturgy
Photos above
Orchid Giving 2015
On 2 December Year 9 and 10 students made Orchid Pots in the morning. In the afternoon the students then distributed these to our Roncalli wider community. (photos above)
Year 9 Retreat Days - click here for photos
A Retreat day has been organised for all the Year 9 students on the following days:
  • 9H - Monday 23 November
  • 9O - Tuesday 24 November
  • 9P - Wednesday 25 November
  • 9E - Thursday 26 November
These will be held at various venues around South Canterbury.
Be waiting outside the Roncalli College Chapel at 8.50am - ready to start the day. The Retreat will be finished by 3.20pm
What to bring
A pen and your large lunch, a pair of gardening gloves, sunhat, sturdy and closed-toe-shoes, sunscreen and a warm jacket. There will not be an opportunity to buy food or drinks during the day.
Mufti - warm, comfortable and respectable clothes.
Staff attending
Ms Walsh, Ms Bennett, Mr Comeau and Mrs Churchman, plus supporting teachers.
Year 9 Scripture Reading Competition
(photos below)
Year 11 Retreats
Year 13 Students plant bulbs in the Hope Garden
A big thank you to Plantorama Nurseries who kindly donated the Daffodil bulbs. (photos above)
Bishop Lyons competition
(photos below)
Year 12 Religious Education programme
During this year's Year 12 Religious Education programme, students will undertake a series of 'community works' activities. The first one occurring on Friday 13 March planting riparian margins on the Opihi river (with guidance from the Arowhenua Marae). Below are photos of students showing service through action.
Term 1, 2015 College Mass
Deborah Stevens Road Show
Deborah Stevens and her team of five academics from Otago University brought her road show on the topics of "end of life and beginning of life " technological, philosophical and ethical issues. She stretched the minds of year 9 students for a day as they grappled with a range of questions, inputs role plays, video clips and workshops. A challenging and thought stretching day for all.
Roncalli Day
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