Year 10 Camp 2016

Year 10 Camp Week 1 participants
  7-11 March
Not from 10D or 10K
Kate Blackmore
Molly Steinmann
Ruby Young
Indya Day
Brittney McDowell
Zara Poi-Walker
Charlotte O'Brien
Reagan Ashley
Marika Parker
Antonio Frances-Rees
Lucy Hogan
Bridgette Johnson
Mya Nevin
Kaleb Charles
Angus Cook
Thomas Cox
Ben Davenport
Nicholas de Joux
Jackson Hicks-Sandri
Jessica Hunter-Brady
Emily Johnson
William Johnson
Nicholas Manson
Amelia Noone
Ella Parker
Byron Prendeville
Samuel Regenvanu
Jacob Ryan
Jessie Shearer
Santana Simpson
Grace Watt
Alice Barker
Gabrielle Clarkson
Billy Cook
Braiden Crowther-Aker
Lucas Cummings
Callum Jamieson
Patrick Kemp
Jan-Hendrik Kuepper
Joshua Marshall
Zane Meyer
Hannah Muirhead
Ryan Newlands
Neve O'Connor
Emma Rattray
Penny Sloan
William Woodall
Yuchika Morikawa
Mio Nishisaka
Saori Takeuchi
Elias Wohlrab
Jonas Tresper
Subaru Nakamura
Genki Nakamura
Natsumi Kurumano
Non Wannarat
Korlina Volkov
Patrick Brosnahan
Ethan Stevenson
Jaymee Cannell
Sam Taylor
Tessa Williamson
Bailey Tyree
Jack O'Shaughnessy
Joe Anderson
Tayla Meager
Cameron Clark
Lionel Monua
Aidan Barnes-Webber
Abigail Kinsman
Courtney Dawkins
Sharleka Honeyman
Year 10 Camp Week 2 participants
14-18 March
Caitlin Cadogan
Hannah Clark
Tayla Coochey
Liam Cotter
Ruby Dingle
Ashleigh Gilchrist
Bailee Hodge
Izayah Holden
Grace Kelliher
Jun Kwon
Grace Lamb
Kit Lloyd
Molly MacMillan
Orla McNeice
Jack O'Neill
Benjamin Ritchie
Christina Shattock
Liam Stoat
Reid Sullivan
Hayley Tinkler
Abbey Bradley
Ryan Brosnahan
Hamish Chambers
Kenneth Cowie
Sarah Currie
George Galloway-Gibb
Alice Gibson
Sean Gregan
Jeremy Hale
Madison Hall
Shannon Laurie
Yannick Miller
Renee Pateman
Whitley Payne
Jack Pratt
Levi Provis-Palmer
Gurkamal Singh
Alice Styles
Renee Tipper
Ruth Smith
Johnrey Luscombe
Tomomi Yoshitake
Kazune Tatsuoka
Marlo Willers
Ben Dortschy
Vicco Leuchtenberger
Freddie Vereivalu
Stone Choomak
Emily O'Connor
Jess Sheehan
Lauchie Hicks
Thomas Vincent
Maddy Johnson
Kyla Shelley
Hannah Watson
Alex McCoid
Daisha Peneamene
Freya Trillo-Feely
Hamish Workman
Gerry McKeown
2016 Camp Meeting
Thank you to all the Parents and Students who attending the 2016 Camp meeting. For those unable to attend the powerpoint from the evening is here.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or wish to inform the school of anything regarding your son/daughter's participation in camp

Thank You

Guy Sutherland
TIC Outdoor Education
Dates 2016
The dates for Year 10 camps are as follows:
Camp One:
Monday 7 March- Friday 11 March
Camp Two:
Monday 14 March- Friday 18 March
The amount payable for the camp is $330. Full payment (or 50% payment with an automatic payment set-up) must be made prior to 24 Feb.
The 'Equipment Checklist' is on the College website. The students will be going through this within the Year 10 Physical Education programme. The gear on the list is essential for the safety and enjoyment of students whilst on camp. They can bring their sleeping bags and jackets into their PE teachers to be checked to see if they are suitable for camp.

In the first instance please try and borrow gear from family or friends. There is a well stocked gear shed at the College with sleeping bags, polyprop long johns and tops, rain jackets and packs but experience shows that requests for this gear outstrip our ability to supply.

If students do wish to borrow gear they must collect a gear hire request form from the office (or download from the website), complete it fully, attach a $10 payment, and return to the office. This is on a first in first served basis and all completed gear requests will be dated when handed in.

Packliners are at the office now and cost $5. They are compulsory for camp to ensure all of the gear inside the packs is kept dry whilst on camp.
The EOTC 'Consent, Contract and Health' form outlining the health and safety information about your son/daughter should have been returned to the College Office. If there are any changes prior to camp to your son's/daughter's medical information, as provided on that form, would you please contact the Office. The medical information is vital for all staff, instructors and student leaders in order that they are in the best possible position to ensure the safety of each student on camp.
The camp groups will be organised early in 2016 but students will not know which actual group they are in until the morning of the camp departure. I will let the students know the week after athletics day which week they are going on camp and this will be posted in the College website.
Prior to Camp
The students are expected to bring their packs to school the Friday before departing for camp to have all of their gear checked by the senior leaders and staff. Students will then leave their packs at school over the weekend (except the gear they will wear on the day).

On the morning of camp the students will arrive dressed in their tramping gear (rain jacket in daypack) with their lunch, full drink bottle and home baking. The home baking is a tradition at Roncalli College and has been well supported by parents over the years. The baking is divided by leaders within each student's group for morning and afternoon tea breaks. It is their bus ticket!
Hillary Award
We strongly advise students to enroll in the Hillary Award scheme (formerly the Duke of Edinburgh and Young New Zealanders' Challenge award). We believe that in participating in the scheme the students benefit greatly, and that a number of our Roncalli College students are already completing the requirements for the awards through their weekly activities. More information can be found here. Enrolment and an enrolling payment of $40.00 may be made at the College Office. Attending Year 10 Camp accounts for approximately a third of the Bronze level requirements.
Non Participation
If your son/daughter is not participating in camp, for whatever reason, an alternative school based programme will be arranged and he/she is expected to attend school as per usual. Please contact the office to advise them of this information.

Please return the consent form to the office prior to 24 February.

The Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre website ( is available for more information on the activities that your son/daughter will be participating in on camp.

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