Student Testimonials

Fritzi Marcus, 2007 student: The opportunities for me at Roncalli were absolutely amazing - fantastic environment and fantastic people. Click here for the newspaper article to see what I am doing now.
I spent two years (years 12 & 13) at Roncalli College in Timaru. This helped me not only to enhance my English communication skills, but it also gave me a chance to develop my fashion design and technical skills. I achieved university entrance while at Roncalli. I am currently a graduate student at Otago Polytechnic School of Design with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. I was fortunate enough to get to represent Otago Polytechnic in the Shanghai Fashion Week and be part of the Fashion Show. My goal for the next five years is working semi-fulltime at a retail store and also work on my own label – KWOK’s Revolution - founded by me in 2012.

Further congratulations to Daniel who has been selected to showcase his work at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. Click here for the link to his work.
Daniel KWOK
Fashion Daniel Kwok Image1-594
Daniel and his models at the Otago Polytechnic Fashion ShowDaniel Kwok with his models at Otago Polytechnic's fashion show COLLECTIONS-376

Akari Otsuka 2010-2011
I'm now studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at Otago University majoring in Tourism. For me doing Media with Mr Stewart and IELTS with Ms McKinnon have really helped me with essay writing at university, also Statistics with Mrs Ellena. Being at Roncalli has also helped me to make kiwi friends in Dunedin too and I am really loving my life in Dunedin.

Nora Schmidt Feb-July 2011
My stay at Roncalli College has been an unforgettable time and I have had lots of valuable experiences. Roncalli is a great place to study, learn English, have fun and meet new people. During the 6 months I spent at Roncalli, I was always given great support by the Roncalli staff who tried to make everything as convenient and easy for me as possible. Because our ESOL teacher taught us a lot and did her best to encourage us to make Kiwi friends, my English has improved a lot over the two terms. In July, a group of us took part in IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and we are all very happy with our results. Due to the free IELTS preparation course by Ms McKinnon, I gained an IELTS score of 8, which gives me a lot of study and job opportunities. Also, the big choice of different subjects, ranging from French to Hard Materials and from Outdoor Education to Environmental Science, really pleased me. Outdoor Education was one of my favourite subjects. I learnt a lot about the NZ environment and I also had the opportunity to see lots of places in the country on many different trips. I would recommend Roncalli to everyone since it can fulfill a lot of different expectations. For example, the academic standard is very high, but also there are lots of sporting and cultural events and opportunities.

Eike on Penny Farthing.JPG
Eike Wiesner Jan 2010 - April 2011

I studied at Roncalli for 9 months and I have had a great time. Roncalli College is a unique school and students who go this school should be pleased because Roncalli gives you great support in any way. As an international student I have to say that I was warmly welcomed by many nice and friendly Kiwis. I got to know a completely new culture and new people. I have made lots of friends because people at Roncalli are always open-minded and want to help each other.
Being a Year 13 was an awesome experience because we all learned how to "lead" the school and we are given a huge responsibility.
One of the highlights at Roncalli was playing soccer for the first eleven. The team spirit is amazing and everyone supports each other.
Finally I have to say that Roncalli helped me to develop my character and to become more mature and I am grateful for everything that I have been given. I will never forget my time here!

Sebastian (Basti) Henning July 2009-July 2010
I studied at Roncalli for one year and it definitely was the best experience in my life so far!!!
Before I came to New Zealand I had a couple of expectations for example to learn better English, make new friends and see as much of NZ as possible. All of these were excelled. Being a Year 13 at one of the Top 10 schools in NZ is a very special reputation and you get with the whole year group the responsibility to be part of the excellent leadership at Roncalli.
I highly recommend to everyone to come to Roncalli College because it has a huge variety of not just academic subjects, the school has also a very good Outdoor programme, where you get to see the countryside from another point of view. You will go on lots of trips for example on Sea Kayaking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Tramping...
I had so much fun on all of the Outdoor Education Trips that I really going to miss not just the subject, also the beautiful countryside and everyone on Roncalli College.

Carolin (Caro) Rumrich, Germany (July 2008 to July 2009)
I really enjoyed my time at Roncalli College and I didn’t want to go back to Germany. My brother was here in 2007 and taking his advice to come here was the best thing I have ever done. Some day I will come back!

Eno Rachkorsky, Brazil (July to November 2008)
I had a really nice time here in New Zealand and I will always remember this awesome experience of living here.

Ikumi Harada, Japan (February to April 2008)
I spent a great time in Timaru and I wanted to stay longer. I hope I can come back to Roncalli! Roncalli is a really good school!

Tamara Mandler, Austria (February to July 2008)
I had an awesome time at Roncalli College and in New Zealand in general. The people and the teachers were really easy to talk to! I plan to come back ASAP!

Year 10 camp Isamu 095.jpg
Isamu Nomura, Japan (April 2004 to December 2007)

When I first came to Roncalli, I couldn’t even talk. I was only able to say Yes or No. Since then my English has improved very well. In the first two years at Roncalli, I didn’t have any international friends. Therefore, I always hung out with kiwi friends and I never talked Japanese. But now…. I have a lot of kiwi and Japanese friends!

Fernanda Tramontini, Brazil (July to November 2007)
I think about the exchange like a crazy and unforgettable experience! Go to a place that you don’t know the people and how will be their reaction about you, go to a culture and society totally different from yours and try to fit in it. It is hard to leave your family and your friends to come here, but it is harder to leave here and go back to our old life. It is not just a time to learn English but a time to make your own decisions, growing up, making friends that are going to be with you for your life!

Kin Lok (William) Lee, Hong Kong (February 2006 to November 2007)
I got many meaningful memories in my two years at Roncalli, most of them are happy memories. I met many good friends here. They come from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea etc. Teachers in this school are extremely good and helped me a lot in my two years.

Bo-un (Jame) Gi, South Korea (February 2006 to July 2007)
I came to New Zealand to learn English for two years. I’ve made some Kiwi friends and they are so kind. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Roncalli College.

Yu Hang (Soda) Chau, Hong Kong (August 2004 to November 2006)
New Zealand is awesome, but Timaru is a bit quiet for me. I enjoyed my last two years at Roncalli.  I will never forget my life in New Zealand, especially the first few weeks because Timaru was so different from Hong Kong!

Jan Renges, Germany (July 2004 to July 2005)
Hey, I’m Jan from Germany! I studied at Roncalli for one year from July 2004. I was in the Outdoor Education class.  That was the best time I ever had in my school life. We went sea kayaking, mountain biking, tramping and skiing and snowboarding.  Back in Germany I am a trainee aircraft engineer.  The English I have learned is helping me during my work because I have to talk to people at other airlines.

Emi Shiraishi, Japan (April 2003 to November 2005)
It was very nice to come back to Roncalli in February 2008 and meet the lovely teachers. They made me feel so welcome again. The days spent at Roncalli were awesome. I have lots of great memories that is why I always want to come back here.  I love Roncalli, I love Timaru!

Sebastian Otte, Germany (July to December 2004)
For me coming back to Roncalli always feels good and special; having a lot of wonderful memories about the lovely time I spent there. Apart from making new friends, learning about a different culture, it was the welcoming and open-minded atmosphere that overwhelmed me. This experience certainly made a huge impact on how I see the world today and I am sure it always will!

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