Student Success

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Manami Iwakura Manami's mother and grandparents Manami's Host parents
(Bruce and Maree Sherwin)
  Manami graduated with a BSc in Zoology from Otago University, May 2012

Isamu Nomura
Isamu Graduation 2011 Isamu Graduation Reunion with Soda  
Isamu's Graduation Isamu and Soda Chau  

Roncalli -

Basketball. Swimming. Outdoor. These three words describe all of my life at Roncalli. Being the MVP/South Canterbury Rep for basketball and breaking 5 records in swimming championship made a huge impact on my social life. Through my sports, I was able to learn English quicker than the others and also helped me to make life-time friends in and out of school. Outdoor Education helped me to explore the outside of the school. It was not just to learn about New Zealand's finest natural world, but also to learn to relate with others. The communication skills that I learned in the "outdoor" environment became one of the most important skills that I have today.

After that -

I majored in Bachelor of Sports and Outdoor Recreation at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The interest that I developed in Roncalli led me to learn and extend what I love such as teaching primary school students how important physical education is by creating inclusive (everyone involved) lesson plans. In the outdoors, I learned how an educator should conduct an enjoyable, practical and safe trip for the students. I really loved what I learned. However, the thing that I really learned while at univesity was the multicultural social life. Being able to make friends from over 30 countries has been great for me. Learning about other countries, cultures, beliefs and religions made me understand the way people live outside of the world.

Present -

Now I work at one of the largest travel agencies in Japan. The curiosity of the world led me to this company. I introduce other countries to the customers and sell airline ticketsto anywhere in the world. The best thing about working at travel agencies is to travel overseas cheaply. Now I can book my own flight to visit my friends overseas!



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