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With this application please enclose:

A certified copy in English of your most recent school report.
Results of any public examinations you have entered including evidence of your ability in the English language.
Details of proposed insurance if you do not wish Roncalli College to arrange it.

All international students must have appropriate and current medical & travel insurance for the duration of their planned period of stay as per New Zealand Ministry's Code of Practice requirements.  Roncalli College invoices for Uni-Care Travel and Medical Insurance as it is a reputable insurance company based in New Zealand and the policies provide excellent cover for international students and meet the Code of Practice requirements. Please refer to the Uni-Care website here for further information and the schedule of benefits payable.

Travel and medical insurance policies must meet the following recommended Code of Practice requirements:
  • High sum insured ($1 million plus)
  • Emergency evacuation / repatriation
  • Accompanying relative cover
  • Personal effects cover
  • Personal liability cover

If your policy does not meet the New Zealand Ministry’s Code of Practice requirements, you will be required to pay for a uni-care policy which does meet requirements.
  • Any testimonials in support of your application.
  • Passport details – photocopy of front page of passport

Please provide, in your own handwriting, a minimum of 150 words in English about yourself and your family.  Please include at least 2 recent photographs of yourself and your family.

Send to:
Director of International Students
Roncalli College
PO Box
New Zealand

email as a pdf file to
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