Administration forms

Below are downloadable forms for your convenience. Copies of these are available at the office.

Student Leave Form  - use this form if you intend taking your son/daughter out of school (sporting events, family occasions or representing the district at a cultural event).

Student Driver Permits - The College requires all student drivers to register with the office in the interests of safety and the boundaries of responsibility of the College. This is so that the College can be fully and reliably aware of the conditions in the use of transport driven by students, as mutually decided by both students and parents/caregivers.
The student must fill in an application form and have their driver's licence sighted and photocopied by the office. In addition, if a student wishes to take passengers and is legally entitled to do so, signed letters of permission from the parents/caregivers of both the student drivers and the passengers, detailing the names of the students concerned, must be provided. Once these letters have been submitted to the Office, the passengers' names will be printed on the permit. Should the conditions change, additional letters must be provided to the Office and another permit will be printed. Please read the school policy prior to filling in the form.

Thank you for your co operation in maintaining the safety of our students and community.

If you are considering leaving school, please see Mrs Rooney who will guide you through the process.
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