Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday Liturgy

We've been on the go, out and about in another busy week, working to get things done, pushing hard to meet tomorrow's deadlines.

We've been on the road, meeting friends, collecting mail and the light is turned from green to orange, a red light has stopped us in our tracks.

We are halted on the double white line, of another Ash Wednesday, and God it's hard to be still, our feet tap in anticipation of the next responsibility.

At the beginning of another active year the season of Lent breaks us on the road, and we are left wondering, why do you delay us, O God?

What is the point of this pause? We are all ready for the green light and you make us stop, you stand us still!

O God, settle us with your quiet wisdom, still the racing of our hearts and the pounding of our pulse so we can hear what you are saying.

If you have an important message for us; tranquillise our racing thoughts with songs of praise, so we get the point of this delay.


(From "Tranquil Moments" by Brian Hardie)
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