Mrs B Duff (Chairman), Mr K O'Driscoll (Vice-Chairman), Mr G Cooper, Mr C Comeau, Mrs R Regenvanu, Mr P Kelliher, Mrs V Davenport, Mr J Hogan, Mr C Heenan, Mr C O'Connor
Miss F Allan (Staff Representative), Mr Connor McCarthy (Student Representative)
Principal:  Mr C Comeau, BA Dip Tchg;
Deputy Principal:  Mr A Jones, BA, BCom, Dip Tchg;
Miss F Allan, M Tchg Ln, BA;
Ms J Bennett, BTchg;
Mrs S Betts,
Grad Dip Tchg, Grad Dip THMgt;
Miss L Buckley, BFA, Dip Tchg;
Mr B Caird, B Rec. & Mgmt (Sport), Dip Tchg Ln;
Miss F Caldwell, BBiomedSc(Hons), MTchgLn(Distinction);
Mr M Cameron, BMin, Dip Tch, Dip Couns;
Ms A Churchman, MA, M Ed L , BTP, BSc, ATCL, Dip Tchg, Cert Th St, Dip Cat;
 Mrs K Cockroft, BEd, Dip Tchg, MEd;
Mrs L Cody, Dip Home Sc, Dip Tchg;
Mrs B Corcoran, BA, Grad Dip Tchg (Primary and Secondary);
Ms S Farmer, B Sports Coaching, Dip Tchg;
Mrs R Gillies, BA, Dip Tchg;
Miss N Hall, BMusEd;
Mr C Hinton, B Sport & Exercise Sc, Dip Tchg;
Mrs A Hough, B TchLn, Cert SPELD;
Mr M Johnston, BA, Dip Tchg Ln;
Mrs M Konings, B AgriScience, Dip Tchg, M Theol.
Miss G Ludemann, BFA, Grad Dip Tchg;
Miss C McIvor, Cert Sport MGT/CHG, BA, Grad Dip Tchg;
Mrs N Murr, BCS, Grad Dip Arts, Gad Dip Tchg;
Mr C O’Connor, BSc (Chem), B Tchg Secondary, CITS & S;
 Ms J Parsons, BSc, Dip Tchg, Dip Rel.Studies;
Mr C Perkins, BiT, Dip Tchg, Dip Spc Tchr;
Mr R Powell, B Phys Ed, B Tchg;
Mr M Pribis, BSc MechEng, M MatSc Eng, M Tchg;
Mrs A Richardson, BSc, Dip Tcng;
Mrs S Robb, BSc, Dip Tchg;
Mrs S Rooney, BEd (PhysEd), Grad Dip Tchg & Learning;
Miss C Roughan, BA, Grad Dip Tchg;
Mr G Sutherland, BPhysEd, Dip Tchg;
Mrs S Thomas, BA, Dip Trans (UNISA), STD (Cape), Sec Teacher’s Dip (Cape), Dip Trans (UNISA);
Miss G Tomsett, BA, Dip Grad (English Endorsed), Dip Tchg and Learning;
Dr D Vogel, Bed, PhD, BSc;
Miss E Walsh, BEd(PE), GradDip Tchg;
Mrs M Ward, BSc, Dip Tchg;
Dr A Williamson, BA (Hons), Ph.D, Grad Dip Tch Ln (Secondary);
Mr N Wilson, BA, Dip Tchg;
Business Manager:  Mrs C Kelly
Student Systems Manager: Mrs S Richards
Administration Staff:   Mrs J Darling, Mrs R Struthers
Pathways Careers Coordinator/Librarian: Mrs L Heenan
Director of International Students: Mrs C Shearer, BA
Gateway Manager: Mrs M Mehrtens
Arts Coordinator: Starbound Studios
Teacher Aides:  Mrs V Healy, Mrs K Small, Teacher Asst. Cert
Sports Coordinators: Miss J Zandbergen
Sports Administrator/International Homestay Coordinator: Mrs R Cannell
Science Technician:  Mr R Pope 
Food Technician: Miss C Fuller
Workshop Technician: Ms B Nichols
Property Manager:  Mr L Cosgrove
Groundsperson/Property Assistant: Mr N Lines
Archives Assistant: Mr D Batchelor
Youth Chaplain: Miss Cara Adler
Instrument Teachers:
Mrs J Loveday (Woodwind), Mr T McLeod (Voice and Violin)
Mrs Cathy Verhaart (Lower Strings), Ms Margaret van Ginkel (Brass)
Mr Geoff Davidson (Guitar), Mr C Cookson (Piano)
Hamish Scarsbrook and Isabella Docherty
Chairperson:  Dr David Batchelor   
Secretary:  Mrs Claire McCarthy
Treasurer:  Mrs Gina Ellis
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