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We have things to celebrate in the French department !
At a recent Speech Competition held by the Alliance Française, some of our senior students competed successfully against other French students in the region and acquitted themselves very well.  Here are the results:
Year 13          Anna Kensell           2nd  =
Year 12          Lauren Kelly            3rd
Year 11          Jane Comeau          3rd  =
« Bravo et félicitations !»  to these students.  I am also very proud of Therese Styles and Chanté Cooper; they also participated and were congratulated on the high standard of their entries – but only the first three places in each category are announced!
Some of our students have embraced technology as a way of improving their learning. Language Perfect is vocabulary learning website which was started by a couple of young entrepreneurs in Dunedin, and has taken the language- learning world of students by storm!  Many of our students regularly log in to this site and complete with their classmates to get the highest scores by learning useful vocabulary, including those nasty French verbs!
Recently Language Perfect added many other learning areas to the site under
the umbrella name Education Perfect. Our language students have free access for 2013. One of these sites is Maths and I am delighted to say that Stefan Tauchnitz, a French student in Year 11 was the Top Student Overall in a month-long national competition called NCEA Level 1 Algebra Attack! Over 1 900 students nationwide made use of the MCAT (AS 1.2) practice exam questions available.  Stefan spent many useful hours online  and won a $100 iTunes voucher.  I know that his Maths teacher, Mrs Ward, is very pleased with this result too!
So you can see that learning a second language can have other positive spin-offs!  I encourage all students enrolled in French to make use of both Language Perfect and Education Perfect as part of their preparation for the forthcoming exams.  Many Year 10 French students too have embraced this innovative way of acquiring vocabulary. Keep up the good work « et bonne continuation ! »
Mme S Thomas
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