Take a look at what our Year 9 Health class has been working on this term for 2016.
Year 9 Health Education
As part of the Year 9 Spirituality and Well Being rotation students will take part in a 9 week module of Health Education. The topics are outlined below and will be taught through a combination of written, practical and research activities.
If there are any questions or concerns about any of the content please feel free to contact Miss Ellen Walsh (Teacher in charge of Junior Health) via email ( or by calling 688 6003.
Topic 1: Caring for yourself
•    Hauora (Wellbeing)
•    Nutrition
•    Hygiene
•    Sleep
•    The benefits of physical activity
Topic 2: Mental health matters
•    Emotions/feelings
•    Friendship
•    Self-talk
•    Self confidence
•    Resilience
•    Stress
•    Anger/conflict
•    How and where to ask for help
Topic 3: Positive relationships
•    Relating to others
•    Friendship
•    Qualities of a good friend
•    Friendship activities
•    Personal space
•    Positive communication
•    Relationships
Topic 4: Staying safe
•    Positive decision making
•    Cyber safety
•    Summer safety
•    Transport safety
•    Workout safety
•    Stranger danger
•    Identifying risk in safety scenarios

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