Week 7 - No Interruption Week
5 September Year 10/11 Music students visit at Timaru Boys High School
6 September Year 9 Inter house Touch (lunch time)
7 September Year 9 Inter house Touch (lunch time)
8 September Canterbury University course confirmation (prep)
9 September Paid Union Meeting for the PPTA from 9-11am.  As a result, the College will run classes beginning at 11:30am (Period 3). Due to circumstances beyond our control, buses will be running at normal times. This means that any bus students arriving before the start time of 11:30am will be supervised by non-union staff.

Staff v Year 9 students Inter house Touch (lunchtime)

Level 3 Outdoor Education Leadership - St Andrews Rock (period 4 and lunch)

Senior Examinations (Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu examinations)
10 September Roncalli Community Mass, 6pm St Thomas Church
11 September Roncalli College Rugby Planning Meeting
All coaches, managers and interested members of the Roncalli Rugby Community who would like to be part of planning the future of College rugby are invited to a strategic planning meeting in the Gym on Sunday 11 September starting at 1pm.
Week 8 - Senior Examinations
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13 September MCATS examination Day 1
ODT Social Studies Quiz at TBHS 4.15-6pm
Parents of Year 9 students are invited to attend a session in the College Library from 6:30-7:30pm. This is an opportunity to build networks among parents of the 2016 cohort. There will also be small presentations focusing on the teaching of Health and Wellbeing at Roncalli and the College's approach towards cybersafety. We look forward to seeing you there.
15 September MCATS Examination Day 2

PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale 6-8pm in the College Annex
16 September Year 9 course rotation 3 ends
Year 10 RE course rotation ends
First Aid Course - Day 1
Level 1 Physical Education Ski Trip
Level 3 Outdoor Education Leadership - St Andrews Rock (periods 4 and 5)
17 September Aoraki Mountainbiking Championships
Aoraki Motorcross Championships
PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale 10am - 12noon in the College Annex
18 September Mercy Sisters 80 years Reunion
Postponement both Aoraki Mountainbiking and Motorcross
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